The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION

The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION


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Problem: Understand the Risk


In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) listed Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) as possible carcinogens for humans (same category as lead, DDT, exhaust fumes and chloroform).

We are a team of Certified Consultants in Radiation Field (RF) evaluations and remediation.

As such we understand the benefits AND the health challenges of modern MAN-MADE Radiation Fields (RFs). 

Yet we are also experts in the benefits and threads of NATURAL Cosmic and Earth Radiation Fields.

We work closely together with you and explain EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) and other RFs (Radiation Fields) and their impact on living beings (humans, flora and fauna including animals). 

Analysis and Detection


During the evaluation appointment, datas are collected at your home and work place.


The MAN-MADE Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) or Radiation Fields (RFs) and their sources are measured using appropriate gauges. 

NATURAL Cosmic and Earth Radiation Fields (RFs) are evaluated as well. 

The results of the measurements and the effects on living cells (your body) are demonstrated and explained.

At your request we offer to share these datas with your health care professional

Solution = Effective Protection


We combine ancient and modern scientific knowledge to provide you with an effective and unique frequency adapted solution to all current Man-Made and Natural Radiation Fields (RFs).

The solution is called: 

Geo Safe E® System (GSES).

 This system was developed over 30 years ago in Germany by Dieter Schaefer. 

It is a Radiation Neutralization System protecting you from the constant RF 'rain'.

The result: 

while in a GSES secured room (GeoSafe Globes are in place) or while wearing a Pocket-safe on your body or device, the still existing RFs  will no longer affect your body negatively, they are bent/modified.


Appropriate crystals will  bend any frequency (visible/audible or not). This can be demonstrated with sun rays passing through a crystal.

 With the GSES you got your 'umbrella' against the damaging RF 'rain'.

The crystal mixes in the GSES work perpetually (bending disturbing frequencies continuously) and this system is self sustainable (no electricity needed). 

Nature provides this great solution. The art is to know how to choose the right mix of crystals to get the benefits.

What does it mean for your body to reap the benefits of the GSES? 

After healing from the residual negative imprint  from past exposure (your body is still 'wet' from the past RF 'rain', it needs to 'dry' itself first), the continuous protective effect of the GSES can be verified. It can be measured in your body with appropriate modern technologies (e.g. biofeedback equipment). 

But in the end what counts is that with continuous protection by the GSES you will feel better, because your body is able to relax in spite of all this modern technology that surrounds us.

Modern world devices

Supply Grid


The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences stated that living near High-Voltage Power Lines cannot be recognized as entirely safe because of weak scientific evidence that exposure may pose a leukemia hazard.

We are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents, and part of the reason is radiation from cell phone towers and microwave antennas. Powerful wireless microwave radiation and high-frequency radio waves are emitted. The closer you are, the greater the danger.

Modern Appliances


We know microwaves as an energy source for cooking food, yet does it alter our food and body cells?

In 1991, Norma Levitt died in a hospital in Oklahoma, because the hospital used a microwave oven to warm the blood needed for her blood transfusion. The EMFs emitted from the Microwave altered the blood and it killed her.

Dr. Lita Lee of Hawaii (Dec 9, 1989) reported microwave radiation exposure of baby formulas converted the amino acid, L-proline, to its D-isomer, which is a poison to the nervous system and kidneys

the Soviet Union banned the use of microwave ovens in 1976, since they recognized the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by microwaves.

The Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) of your electric box, refrigerator, a/c or pool unit goes through the wall. Beware where you sleep, maybe the headboard of your bed is in your a/c or pool unit field? Extended exposure to these fields are harmful.

And in addition more and more of these modern appliances are equipped with wireless unctions and emit constant EMFs.

Modern 'Toys'


There is a growing body of evidence that over exposure to WiFi and Cell Phone radiation will contribute to many chronic diseases including glioma and other tumors. 

2014, The BioInitiative Working Group (29 experts - 10 with medical degrees -  from 10 countries) reported a growing evidence that wireless technology causes brain damage, tumors and a host of other chronic health conditions. 

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