The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION

About Us


We are a dedicated team that has been using the GeoSafe E System (GSES) since 2006

Our team at Animal Health Oasis uses the GSES in our daily lives and we are living energetic examples of its benefits.

Marilyn Schweitzer and Lisa Hamilton both are certified GeoBiologists and they are placing the GSES as the 

EnerGEO team in SW Florida

Call Lisa at 239 297 6519 to inquire

Dr. Kordon is certified as a GSES GeoBiologist since 2006 and the founder of Animal Health Oasis. 

She is the authorized GeoSafeESystem (GSES) distributor for USA. You can reach her at 239 297 6519 or 239 495 1896.

There are several other GSES certified GeoBiologists in USA:

Gary Greenleaf (SouthEast Florida): 520 591 8282

Rosalind Fusco (Naples and Colorado): 239 571 9816

Call us, if you are looking for someone near you:  239 495 1896


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It's time to help you be strong in spite of using modern technologies.  

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Dieter Schaefer on the left
Dr. Anja G Kordon in the middle
Gary Greenleaf on the right

About the USA Distributor

  • Dr. Kordon is a functional medicine  veterinarian. Her passion and commitment to alternative healing was the catalyst for creating Animal Health Oasis in 2004. In 2006 she invited Dieter Schaefer (Left in the picture with Gary Greenleaf to the right) to the USA and got certified by his Institute. Dieter and Dr. Anja became friends and have been working together ever since.
  • "It's fun to see the benefits for the pets. When we place the GSES and they and their guardians will sleep better. I am thrilled  when I see they barely ever need my help and as long as they follow my health protocol that usually happens and the GSES enhances that effect".