The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION

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None of the information on this website will replace getting a health exam and help from a licensed health professional for any disease you may encounter. The information herein is purely informational. 

 I, Dr. Kordon, would rather live in a world without all these damaging frequencies. Yet we all live in this modern world that we do enjoy and my experience has shown me in the last decade that nowadays we all need to use protective measurements to be able to utilize these modern devices, if we desire to live a happy and healthy life despite these modern technologies. 

The GSES is the best Solution I have found to create a safe environment for myself and the animals under my care, yet it alone will not resolve all health challenges. There is NO silver bullet for everything and nothing by itself works 100% for all these new technologies that are being developed on a daily basis. 

Generation Zapped: short trailer

How much EMF exposure do we have compared to a few years ago?

You can find the full documentary on different media sites.

More short education on EMFs


SPintro6-min (mp4)


A long yet very good Video to educate you about RF/EMF

Dr. Pawluk on Helpful vs. Harmful Frequencies

Using healing frequencies from good magnetic  (PEMF) or other frequency devices can "clean off" the EMF "dirt", or in other words, "dry your wet body off form the rain" and help you get back in balance,  yet PREVENTION is soo much better and it is provided, when we have a Whole House system that breaks the frequencies 24/7 as they are traveling through your environment. This is what the GSES provides: the harmful frequencies are bent, BEFORE your body gets affected. 

Download the book at the end of this page and/or go to the Solution section of this website to learn more.

should I use PEMF?

Yes you should, I do!

Having a GSES "installed" in your life does not mean you should not use additional healing devices like a PEMF (see more info at or even better have an Energy Enhancement Room ( or use alternative modalities like bio-resonance, homeopathy or acupuncture to help you stay in balance or get well again. After all "Healing is Voltage" as Dr. Tennant teaches (see below).

Using the GSES means PREVENTING harmful EMFs from disturbing your body's balance in the first place and 24/7, for me it  is the ultimate solution to keep myself as protected as possible in this "EMF world".

Dr. Tennant on Cell Voltage and Health: "Healing is Voltage"

Marcus Freudenmann on Toxin accumulation

We have this physical body within the 3rd dimension we live in. Our cells can deal with a lot of toxins, but watch what happens when the toxins are too much...

EMFs are a toxin as well and contribute to the possibly detrimental result.

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Frequencies/Vibration and Beliefs: Epi-genetics rule not Genes

EMFs can interfere with the frequencies we emit and receive. We can protect ourselves with the GSES, yet we can protect ourselves also by creating stronger frequencies:

a) staying in positive loving emotions makes us succeed

b) fearful thoughts make us weak. 

The art is to achieve a powerful mind and belief that lets us overcome anything (Strychnine in Dr. Lipton's example, see the video).

The mystics have an advantage and daily practice of the right meditation can free all of us from our challenges and keep us protected. 

You can research Dr. Dispenza's work ( He explains this phenomena very well.

Since I am not a master in meditation yet and at least until that day I will use the GSES protection (and many other foundational modalities), it is easier to practice meditation when I am protecting myself from disturbing EMFs while I am practicing to become a more evolved human being.

Which modality to choose for EMF protection?

As Dr. Lipton points out (see above video), the modality that will work best for you, is the one you belief the most  in at least when it comes to the belief level. Hopefully you hav a strong enough belief and can keep it strong enough long-term, least long enough for the Placebo-effect to work for your lifetime. 

You can also constantly rebuild your own field with meditation practices and consciousness. But doing this will drain your body's batteries (see Dr. Tennant's video about voltage).

I rather (in addition to keeping my cell's batteries charged) rely on physically proven systems: I  have seen crystals break the light and the GSES system is based on crystals.

Promoted Protection:

1) There are systems out there that supposedly protect from EMFs with long distance "technology" - frequencies sent to your home or cell phone from a software miles away, specifically targeting what you ask to be targeted.

I have not seen enough research that proves this works, so for me it belongs in the strict belief category. 

I have seen results when a person is sending healing frequencies to another person, yet it was not 24/7 like the  EMF long distance technology  supposedly does. Healers can send impulses to help heal the receiving person, when the receiver is resonating with these impulses. I doubt that the building that is supposedly targeted to be protected from EMFs knows it is getting frequencies and resonates with the PC signal 24/7 (even when there is a power outage at the sender station?). But maybe I am wrong, or it's just my beliefs that hinder it from working for me.

I would rather sit in my own home and protect myself and my home including all my animals and plants with prayer or meditation (see Emoto's work). I would not rely on someone else's computer and honesty and "quantum research" and  pay a monthly fee forever.

I have to admire the great business model, it certainly is profitable for the sender.

2) Anti EMF Frequency Generators: The manuals I have seen about these generators are vague in their description. I have been with EMF sensitive people, who got headaches and other bad symptoms being around these "protection" devices.

Possible modes of  operation:

a) Create a strong field that is chaotic and stronger than the incoming EMFs, but is it really better than the existing EMFs (organite fits in here)?

b) Like a PEMF device creating a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field that is organized. It covers small areas only.

c) Adaptive deletion: microphone-like sensors detect disturbing fields and generate an anti-frequency wave.

d) Synthesis method: sampled/stored EMF anti-waves (180 degree inversion) are sent into the surrounding.

The frequency management especially for method c) would have to be very complex, since the EMFs produced come from too many sources and interact with too many objects. A device that is capable to actively detect and adjust to changing incoming frequency on a 24/7 basis, would need to be very complex and technically evolved. I am not aware that any such device exists especially for the price that the commonly offered EMF anti-frequency generators are sold for. 

Method d) has the challenge that a stored and inverted frequency could cause more interference, when the targeted pre-stored EMF is not present at the home/office.

They again work more on a belief/placebo system than evidence based. I have not seen measurements that truly proof a generator worked in the room or when a living human/animal was measured. How do pets act around these devices, are they calming down as I have seen them do as soon as the GSES was placed.

3) Shielding devices: Yes we can shield with lead (paint, curtains, clothing, RF protection materials) and similar methods successfully, yet we have to be careful that we do not long-term block even good frequencies that our body likes/needs. Over time we get weak, when we do not get good Cosmic and Earth vibes, - similar to NOT touching the Earth with our bare feet (not to be confused with damaging Grounding mats). We need to be in contact with Mother Earth and Nature. Nothing replaces real unfiltered Sun-Exposure and touching the Earth to receive Schuman and Geomagentic Frequencies etc. Our body's are condensed energy made from the materials of this world, we need to get reconnected to nature. Insulating us from nature is damaging. Using crystals as the GSES does is using a gift from nature that breaks frequencies and it certainly supersedes shielding.

4) There are many chips/stickers available to be put on the body (pendants), attached to cell phones, appliances, TVs and PC etc. Most of them contain programmed information, which acts like a homeopathic remedy and they may help some and maybe just temporarily. Why only temporarily? We know that homeopathic remedies can lose their effectiveness, when exposed to disruptive frequencies. Since Dr. Emotos' work on water molecules and with  blood dark-field analysis, we can see the result of disruptive frequencies on water molecules and red blood cells.

A great video about the principles of frequencies and resonance and the effect on water (about 70% of our body is made of water), is available below;  just watch the 10 minutes starting at minute 7:50 through 18:26.


Bio-rEsonaNCE and WATER: Matter is Condensed Energy that can be influenced

Just watch the  about 10 minutes starting at minute 7:50 through 18:26

Dr. EMoto's Water demonsations

The influence of EMFs, words, prayer, music, watch for yourself and become more mindful with frequencies.

Imagine how beautiful classical Music could Sound & look and the effect on living beings, if we send it ONCE again without EMF interference and based on chamber pitch 'A' set to 432Hz instead of 440Hz


'Chamber pitch' A


For more comprehensive info on 'RAdiation FIELDs' Read thIS book