The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION

Modern wind turbines create a large infrasound field

several youtube movies address this challenge

Satellites and cell phone towers target every area


even in very remote places

Laptops, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse, wireless watches etc .


can cause carpal tunnel syndrome  and other symptoms

Smartphones and other wireless devices: Kids are more sensitive


The skull bones of children are not yet as thick as those of adults

Smartmeters have been in the news a lot (see movie "inpower")


No covering needed. The appropriate GeoSafe protects you from this Radiation Fields (RFs)

The radiation rain: RFs 'rain' on us 24/7 and make us 'wet'


Get your GeoSafeE  'umbrella' to protect yourself and your loved ones

Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) around you

WATCH this great video explaining what is going on in the air, the fields YOU do NOT see or hear... they are damaging to your body and need to be deviated!

The GeoSafeESystem (GSES) adjusts them (makes them HARMLESS for your body) using unique  combinations of crystals, minerals and ore. This is shown in the next pages, so keep reading...