The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION


Crystals bend visible & invisible & inaudible frequencies

The Geo-Safe-E®System (GSES) is based on this simple principle

Bend the HARMFUL frequencies only and protect humans, animals and plants from all damaging Radiation Fields (RFs)!

The art is to find the right combination of crystals. This is where Dieter Schaefer's knowledge, sensitivity and years of experience provide the needed help.

Dieter Schaefer's international page is:


Correct testing equipment & Certified GSES GeoBiologists, who know how to use it. Knowing what they measure!


High quality Crystals, Gems and Ore that perpetually work and never need to be recharged. Selected from all over the world!


A whole set of the GSES with different choices of Pocket Safes and GeoSafes that can be chosen specifically for your situation.



Office Safe


($20.00 shipping)

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The flagship for the modern office space!!!

The Office Safe covers the most common disturbing EMFs in a typical modern office at home or at the work place.

It is great for the workplace with several people in a room. 

Any business owner, who wants their employees to keep working efficiently should have these placed for they employees and themself (see testimonial).

It will cover a bigger office room and should be placed where it can reach every work place (sometimes hung from the ceiling is best - a hook can be attached).

Other GeoSafes are available (see below), but need to be individually tested for a specific space. They will in addition cover potential specific other disturbing Natural fields like Benker, Hartmann or Water lines or Geological faults and additional Man-Made Radiation Fields (not typical for an office). If needed, the certified GSES GeoBiologist coming to your office will exchange the Office Safe or add a specifically needed GeoSafe to improve the protection form maybe 80% to 99% as needed. This step is only recommended, if you feel no improvement by having the Office Safe added to your office. Smartphone Safes are a MUST for anybody and bedroom protection is highly recommend as well.


SmartPhone Safe


($15.00 shipping)

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This safe is a MUST for everybody owning a cell phone.

It protects from the EMFs emitted by a modern smart phone (see Video 2 at the 'Analysis' page). 

We attach this safe with Velcro to our phone cases (it is included in the buying price).


Travel Safe (car-airplane-hotel)


($15.00 shipping)

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The Travel safe protects in the car and while on an airplane or in a hotel room.

For anybody traveling a lot (especially on airplanes) or spending much time in the car this is a MUST have protection device.

Most people are NOT aware that per every 2 hours on an airplane they get the exposure of having a complete body x-ray done. 

Protect yourself and get off the airplane without additional radiation damage and stay alert while operating a car.


Wireless Home Phone Safe, Laptop Safe, Tablet Safe


($10.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Please specify what item you want to buy. 

All these wireless devices emit disturbing frequencies that have the same effect as the cell phone on your body (see Video 2 at the 'Analyst' section).


Water Safe


($15.00 shipping)

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A unique mix, that will revitalize your tap water. 

It will NOT take the toxins out of the water, but it will reorganize the water molecule's formation and as such this restructured water will be much better for your body. 

We recommend this to be used after your water has run through a purifying system.

Menu / Price List for further Protection Devices

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Serenity & Sound Egg (a powerful combo)


($25.00 shipping)

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The perfect combo for invigorating yet calming music.

In this wooden oval, the Serenity, gemstones are used for healing and relaxation.

All gems consist of light quantum structures (having a bio-photonic matrix) Bio-photons have a positive influence on us and animals & plants – on the nervous system as well as on the aura, meridians and chakras.

Choose GOLD OR SILVER Sound Egg

Both items can be bought separately. (The sounds eegs are nice by themselves, yet get enhanced majority by the Serenity! Start with the Egg:-))

Serenity: $359.00

Sound Egg: $159.00

Call us at 239 206 1100

Serenity & Sound-Egg

Healing stones energize your environment with healing frequencies. Very calming for you and your pets!