The 'GSES' solution for 24/7 exposure to EMFs - ElectromaGNETIC RADIATION


Businessman getting very weak

After starting to train on an muscle building equipment where you get in a suit and are hooked up to electricity while exercising, I started having unexplainable pain in several areas of my body and I unknowingly became very sensitive to Wifi and other EMF signals, which made me less and less cabable to walk and put me in the hospital. No MRI and other diagnostic conventional exams revealed a problem. Lucky for me, I found Dieter Schaefer and he equipped me with the GeoSafeE System devices to protect me from EMFs and he educated me about the dangers of EMFs. My body was able to heal itself once it was protected and I am healthy and energetic once again.

Ralph Mommertz, Germany

Employees at 220 people company

Every employee got their work place neutralized and a smartphone safe. Before this step was taken, all employees were motivated, yet run down by mid-day. Since the GeoSafe E System is in place the motivation at work is better than ever, now there is no energy drop at mid-day and also more laughter can be heard again. The employees are amazed and happy about this effect.

Ralph Mommertz, Germany

Dog with back pain

Dr. Kordon already had 'Grouper' on a good diet and supplements (Lifestyle), yet being a Dachshund, she did have back troubles. We came for tune-ups on the Bicom every month until Dr. Kordon insisted on placing GeoSafes at our home. Since that time 'Grouper' has only been at the veterinarian for her wellness exams. No more back problems. Amazing!

K.I. Naples, FL

Restless night wanderer

'Peanut' my small white dog (Maltese) used to be restless at night. During the GSES placement visit at my home, she relaxed the second the correct GeoSafe was found and placed in each room. She and I, her guardian, have been sleeping soundly every since that placement.

Susi E., Naples, FL USA

EMF sensitive girl

A young woman, 14 years old, suffered from severe allergies. Once neutralization was set in place in her bedroom and devices she used were secured as well as other main rooms she spent a lot of time in, her allergies were 90% reduced and she is now sleeping soundly.

Luise W., Germany